I Could Everyday

I could read astrological charts and track our daily count of days and pinnacles of experience and surmise what all of it means every single day. There are many people who do that and yes I know I have a unique perspective, yet what I also know, my perspective has been determined to be criminal. So I, for the most part, stopped sharing my perspective on numbers, symbols and astrology on the internet.

As time has passed now, I think I may again come back to where I began.


About Nikohl Vandel

Most people prefer when they can call me Niki, cause then, if they just do what I suggest and go on with life and live happily ever after, and only if they can call me Niki, I may actually let them see my art for real. If you have a problem bigger than a nuclear power plant melting down and a planet too stupid to realize that #NuclearizedWater doesn't freeze and frozen margaritas are soon to be extinct, take a number, I'll get to you when this mess is resolved. Everything else seems like it is either self-created or otherwise manageable and can wait while i'm preoccupied. sigh, anyway. this is me, processing planet earth.

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