YOU Have The Power To Stop The Fed’s Funding of Police Brutality! Here’s How.

Occupy The NEED Act

Occupy The NEED Act for Justice and Peace. 


What would you say is more likely to kill you – yes YOU the reader of these words – more quickly; the rising costs of living or your local police force? The answer to that question probably has everything to do your socioeconomic status. The stratification of our individual socioeconomic statuses within all of the different class, race, ethnic, gender and age groups and all of the inherent conflict between all of our different social groups, the rising rates of inequality in spite of our uprising in the fall of 2011, the rising rates of police violence, the rising costs of living and the rise of homelessness are all systematic consequences of the private ownership of the means of creating money by the private Wall Street banking cartel known as the US Federal Reserve Banking System.

Police violence and monetary inflation go…

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