hard block stupid

Sometimes it’s just a small adjustment then grace and the adjustment is done. I’m going to check the room now. Maybe i can go do something else instead.


About Nikohl Vandel

Most people prefer when they can call me Niki, cause then, if they just do what I suggest and go on with life and live happily ever after, and only if they can call me Niki, I may actually let them see my art for real. If you have a problem bigger than a nuclear power plant melting down and a planet too stupid to realize that #NuclearizedWater doesn't freeze and frozen margaritas are soon to be extinct, take a number, I'll get to you when this mess is resolved. Everything else seems like it is either self-created or otherwise manageable and can wait while i'm preoccupied. sigh, anyway. this is me, processing planet earth.

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